In House Aligners
With this exciting new technology, we are able to offer our patients a much more efficient and effective treatment approach.  Classically in dentistry, dental practitioners have had to rely on those alginate impressions to capture molds of your teeth and send them to labs for appliance fabrication.  Now with the advent of intraoral scanners and 3D printers, our team is able to take a comfortable digital scan of your entire mouth and send that to our printers to print a tangible resin model of your teeth within 45 minutes! This means no more “ooey gooey” impressions, no more gagging on the nasty impression material that patients have grown to fear and despise over the years and no more waiting days or weeks for those models to be made for further use!  

Additionally, this extra layer of digital technology enables us to store your dental records in our computer systems so that should any of your other dental practitioners need them, they are simply an email away.  The best part of storing these records are for those very unfortunate circumstances when retainers are lost or broken, new retainers are merely a phone call away! Simply call into our office and tell us what happened and if needed, we can print and fabricate new retainers and have them waiting for you at our front desk within 24-48 hours!